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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Download 2GB file on airtel ucweb 8

I have a trick to help you download files of 1gb-2gb. You can download very large files on phone with ucweb with my trick. Here is Trick. apn: airtelgprs.comproxy: port: 80
1. frontquery: download link. In whichever state is banned by airtel use 2. download link ex: (from the download link remove ''http://'' not frontquery) and copy your link(frontquery+download link) open ucweb 8>> file>>download>>menu >>new task and past your link then start downloading. If there's any errorset block size 1000 kb. Downloaducweb from the site below working perfectly in gujarat, its working fine for me with speeds exceeding 20-30 (2G)

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