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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Now Download IDM 6.11 Beta Build 4

IDM is a must use tool which brings your downloading experience to next level. So we are very eager to catch each and every update from Internet Download Manager. Today TrickSmash introducing latest IDM 6.11 Beta Build 4 version for free download.
We have already posted tons of articles for IDM and usually they had brought cool response from my visitors.
How many of you try the previous build version? This updation has so many significance of course. Let’s see the major fixes that IDM developers has done.
*Bug fixed in specific folder resume issue.
*New auto cache for instant restart and temp file remove issue.
Also there must be a rival improvement in the downloading speed,that we really need. This build 4 has come up with the typical Beta versions and thus further upstreams can be expected.
Here’s the link.

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