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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

EQ-PCSX [1st ever working PLAYSTATION Emulator for s60v3]

**on average, its working up to 60-80% of orig game speed,depending on the units processor**

Version 0.1
a stretch, actually closer to 0.0. Emulator rather to ardent fans PSX, as well as for those who have nothing to do. Will only devices with the accelerator and coprocessor (which was Quake 3 version HWA_FPU). On the other does not even start.


1. Without sound.
2. Extremely frail compatibility. Is only a small part of the game. 3. Frail speed. Involved almost all features of our devices, but this is not enough.

1. The only working emulator for 9.2. No more, and probably will not.
2. Involved the accelerator, so the schedule is elegant (for a phone, of
3. Support of preservation. File "EQ pcsx" - a kind of shell that will run the game in a couple of clicks. Configuration is still only through those damn text file handles.

If the stars in the sky will be successful - in the near future we will get the new version, much better.

But this is still in a fog, as does not depend on EQ

1. Download and install these files

EQ_PCSX (Loader nung ROM)

EQPCSX (Loader nung last played ROM)

PIPS Installer

2. Download the BIOS

3. Extract SCPH1001.bin to !:\data\PCSX\bios (make a 'bios' directory if thers none)


1. Download these GAMES/ROMS

Twisted Metal 2 (13mb)

Twisted Metal (19mb)

Jet Ace (23mb)

2. Extract into !:\data\PCSX\games (make a 'games' directory if thers none)

3. Open EQ_PCSX. Choose ROM to be played. Play! *game*